America Arms the World


Bill Hartung exposes America’s obsession with selling light weapons and small arms and standing out as “the only nation” to oppose even thinking about regulating small arms trade, which Hartung refers to as “weapons of mass destruction in slow motion.”
Well worth reading if you want to be angry at yet another dimension of current administration policy.
— Steve Clemons


One comment on “America Arms the World

  1. Pissed Off American says:

    Steve, as you know, this is not “current” foreign policy. We have ALWAYS been one of the world’s most prolific purveyors of death, no matter which party occupies the White House.
    Although our trafficking in small arms is despicable, alarming, and responsible for huge numbers of deaths, there IS an aspect of THIS Administration that is unprecedented in recent times. And that is thier advocation of nuclear arms development, and thier complete disregard fot the concept of MAD. Because of the actions and rhetoric of these bastards our children may well experience the terror that the children of the fifties experienced, with teachers screaming “drop” in the middle of math lessons, and the spectre of nuclear inihilation looming once again over the heads of our youth.
    Personally, I pine for the days of spears and swords. I would like nothing more than to see our fearless AWOL leader marching out onto the battlefield to face his enemies head on with little more than a 36″ piece of sharpened steel in his hand. Perhaps after a REAL warrior had hacked an arm or two off of the cowardly little pissant would be far less willing to lie us into illegal conflicts, or to send our children off to die for false pretenses.
    But hey, small arms sales, nuclear proliferation, development of chemical and biological weapons….
    Gee, we are a real shining light for humanity, aren’t we?
    But they “hate us for our freedoms”.
    Go figure.
    BTW, Steve, when these bastards IGNORE this recent court ruling mandating them to release further information about the Abu Ghraib abuses, which reportedly reveal murders and child rape, will you use your blog to expose their complete disregard for the law, or will you ignore it?
    Just curious.


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