Al Gore’s Shadow at DNC Annual Winter Meeting


There’s quite a lot of fascinating action over at the Washington Hilton. The smart state party chairs are working bloggers row — as well as some of the candidates.

Dennis Kucinich
‘s people look like they are having the most fun. Kucinich reminds me of Yossi Beilin, one of the most liberal and intimidatingly smart yet gracious members of the Israeli Knesset.
I’m glad Kucinich is running again and may try to interview him one of these days for the blog — but his campaign seems to be the most heartfelt and refreshingly unpolished, perhaps because they know their chances are slim. So is Yossi Beilin’s chance of becoming Prime Minister in Israel — but that would be a good turn of events.
But the most interesting positioning at this DNC meeting came from an acolyte of a possible presidential candidate not in attendance.
Donna Brazile stopped by to talk a bit to Mike Rogers and me. I asked her if she had thrown her fortunes into any of the presidential camps — each of which had tables lined up along a wall, sort of like a high school club sign up.
She said: “No, I’m here this time to say nice things about Al Gore.”
— Steve Clemons


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