NATO’s Next Stuff Up Close



This is a guest post by Mark Leon Goldberg, a correspondent for UN Dispatch, who is attending the NATO Summit. This post was written for UN Dispatch and The Washington Note. Among many previous avocations, Goldberg used to work with Steve Clemons at the New America Foundation.

Young Gay Student Challenges Local School Board on Gay Issues — Reminds that Howell was Once a Base for the KKK



This is a pretty amazing, articulate, important plea by a young student to a local school board defending his teacher Jay McDowell, disciplined for actions he took to prevent anti-gay bullying at Howell High School in Howell, Michigan. The “content of character” of this young man is off the charts.

Note to Hillary Clinton: Time to Do Israel/Palestine the DoD Way



Hillary Clinton just met with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and here is the pro forma “read out” of the meeting which the State Department distributed: Prime Minister Netanyahu and Secretary Clinton had a good discussion today, with a friendly and productive exchange of views on both sides.

On Gay Bullying and DADT: Cindy McCain vs. John McCain



(April 1, 2008 – Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images North America) Over the years, this blog has expressed admiration for some of the principled issues that John McCain stood by when his Republican Party was off course. He was gay friendly then and had lots of gay staffers in his campaign.