Louie, Louie, Louie Gohmert: A Big Lie on Palestine & Raging Homosexual Hormones??


rep_gohmert.jpgRep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) needs to read up on some things — like learn some facts and stuff. . .and use those facts to stop illegals from taking land that is not theirs. You know those Israelis are taking land that is not theirs from Palestinians who are stealing land too, just like those nasty Mexican drug thugsters. And we need the entire country to intervene, like the Chilean government did with those miners, because a Mexican drug investigator was killed at Falcon Lake and beheaded and Fox News totally agrees with me, but I say we should cheer on those people stopping Palestinian land grabbers. . .and by the way, those gay soldiers just can’t stop their raging homosexual hormones. I know it. They can’t. Done deal.
For more absurdity from Congressman Gohmert, here is the Fox News clip connecting Chile’s miner rescue to law and order problems in his district (from Gohmert’s own home page) — and here is the most absurd statement on Palestinian-Israeli territory disputes ever uttered on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives:

GOHMERT: The only good news I see out of that is that for so long, I’ve been greatly concerned with the hypocrisy of this administration telling Israel, “Just let Palestinians build illegal settlements and take over areas that are not theirs. Just let ’em take over.” And I thought, “How hypocritical for our U.S. administration to tell Israel, ‘just let people take over areas of your country they’re not authorized to takeover,’ cause we would never allow that here in the U.S.” Which brings me to the only good thing about violent illegal alien drug smugglers taking over American soil: At least we’re not hypocritical anymore when we tell Israel just to let people take over land that’s not theirs. Because now this administration can say, “Look, Israel, we’re doing it here. We’re letting people take over American soil that they shouldn’t. So you can do it, too.”

And on those raging uncontrollable homosexual hormones that we can’t let on the battlefield, have some fun.
It would be lovely to hear Fox News chat with Representative Gohmert in a serious way about any technical issue within his portfolio as a Member of the House Judiciary Committee.
From Gohmert’s website, the role and function of this committee is defined well:

The Committee on the Judiciary has been called the lawyer for the House of Representatives because of its jurisdiction over matters relating to the administration of justice in Federal courts, administrative bodies, and law enforcement agencies. The Committee has oversight responsibility for the Department of Justice and Homeland Security, civil and criminal judicial proceedings and Federal courts and judges, issues relating to bankruptcy, espionage, terrorism, the protection of civil liberties, constitutional amendments, immigration and naturalization, interstate compacts, claims against the United States, national penitentiaries, Presidential succession, antitrust law, revision and codification of the statutes of the United States, state and territorial boundary lines and patents, copyrights and trademarks.

Given his backwards statements on Palestinian land issues and gays in the military, one wonders how much of the above he may get backwards as well.
— Steve Clemons


8 comments on “Louie, Louie, Louie Gohmert: A Big Lie on Palestine & Raging Homosexual Hormones??

  1. sdemetri says:

    Wow, Steve, you do snark pretty well. Though, I guess Gomer(t) Pyle here makes it rather easy…


  2. Don Bacon says:

    “Biden knows full well that Israeli and US interests do not coincide”
    The US has long had a policy of wanting to control Iran, dating at least from the US-backed overthrow of Iran’s government in 1953. The CIA called the coup Operation Ajax.
    Now Israeli and AMERICAN interests — that’s different.
    So I’m picking on his choice of adjectives, to make the point that the government doesn’t respect our true interests.


  3. PissedOffAmerican says:

    This is a must read. Giraldi nails it.
    “Bibi Netanyahu surely understands that the cost to the United States in lives and treasure from war with Iran could potentially be catastrophic but it is a price he is willing to pay as his own people and economy would largely be spared, at least initially. No American leader should tolerate such a situation but, deplorably, those who have spoken out at all on the Middle East have lined up behind the Israelis as if they were part of the United States, or even more esteemed than any of the fifty states. Vice President Joe Biden told the Jewish Federations of North America annual gathering in New Orleans last week that


  4. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Amazing. Nadine sinks to a new low defending this asshole Gohmert’s sad ignorant blather.
    And you gotta love the part where she blames Steve’s “conciet” for acknowledging the ENTIRE GLOBAL COMMUNITY’S agreement on the illegality of Israel’s expansion.
    But at least there’s cause for hope in Nadine, because the Israeli’s have found the perfect way to evict criminals like those filthy and genetically inferior heathens in Silwan. All Israel need do is send in their own version of Hitler Youth, the carefully nurtured JTBBC, (the Jewish Teeny Bopper Bigot Corps), whom we saw leering and slobbering while lounging on the furniture and possessions of families they had evicted, after vandalizing their property and defacing family heirlooms.
    Poor Nadine, being an American, have her own children been deprived of such an enlightening and uplifting spiritual experience??? Or perhaps she has nurtured them with bedtime stories about sizzling Palestinian flesh, and the delight to be found in dumping your raw sewage in your neighbor’s fields and front yards, thereby satisfying herself that her own children will grow up to be the same kind of racist scum the JTBBC youngsters are being carefully nurtured to be??


  5. nadine says:

    Perhaps somebody told Mr. Gohmert about the illegal Palestinian building in Silwan.
    It is only your conceit, Steve, that everything the Palestinians build anywhere is legal while everything the Israelis build is illegal, because you have decided in your own head what the Palestinians “deserve”, and think they should be handed their claims on a silver platter without the need to negotiate, agree to terms, or keep any promise once made.
    Others with more knowledge of the situation may differ.
    At least Mr. Gohmert didn’t say that Guam is likely to capsize, like one of the shining lights on your side of the aisle.


  6. downtown says:

    The Honorable Mr. Gohmert is a most splendid representation of the Dunning-Kruger effect.


  7. Carroll says:

    Forget Face Book and My Space..the next big phenomena to sweep the net will be the Rent- A -Brain Members Community Site.


  8. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Utterly fantastic, is it not?
    I can’t help but wonder if ANYONE, who is above the age of forty, ever thought that this country would see such ignorance leaking out of the mouths of our leaders. Its astounding, and belies any hopes or optimism for the future of our nation.
    God help us if one of these idiots gets his finger on the nuclear trigger. And, judging from the rising popularity of those such as Angle, or Palin, or this Gohmert buffoon, propelled upwards by growing armies of ill-informed and brainwashed zombies like “the Obama Nation”, or “the Tea Party”, there is a very real danger of that eventuality coming to pass.


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