What is John McCain’s Mark Salter Thinking? Explodes at “Why We Fight”



Senator John McCain comes off as a major political star in Eugene Jarecki’s Why We Fight which is opening soon in Washington, but his chief of staff, Mark Salter, has blown a gasket over a cute clip in the film in which Vice President Cheney calls him during that interview.

Not Kidding: John Bolton Nominated for 2006 Nobel Peace Prize



(photo credit: Max Blumenthal) TWN has heard that former Swedish Deputy Prime Minister Per Ahlmark would like to borrow this sign from Southern New Mexico. Sweden’s Liberal Party Leader has just nominated John Bolton and Kenneth Timmerman for the Nobel Peace Prize. More here at Bolton Watch. Fun, fun, fun — it just doesn’t stop….

Iraq Costs Soar Past $300 Billion and Hardly a Whimper



There are roughly 25 million people in Iraq. Yesterday, the cost for invading and occupying Iraq raced past the $300 billion mark. Per capita costs in Iraq from America’s efforts $12,000.00. This doesn’t include wounded and dead Americans, wounded and dead Iraqis, shattered families, ill will, and future “blowback”.

Somebody Put on ABBA: John McCain Needs to Relax



When I was recently in London, I learned through my sources that Senator McCain and his wife were over in the UK for one primary reason, even though it might not have been the official reason, and that was to see the London production of Mamma Mia. The Senator and Mrs.

Glenn Greenwald’s Questions for Gonzales on Warrantless Wiretaps



There is an interesting first amendment attorney in town, Glenn Greenwald, who has been working hard to make sure that Senate Judiciary Committee Members pose the most important lines of questions to Attorney General Gonzales.