Three Iraq Occupation “Must Read” Articles



We must not leave. So says Joe Lieberman in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. It reads as if he is positioning himself to run for VP again with John McCain at the head of the ticket. Get Out of Iraq If We Want Stability in the Middle East.

Make a Billion Bucks: Can You Help Achieve Victory in Iraq?



The U.S. government is offering $1 billion over two years to help “strategically stabilize” 10 cities in Iraq. A TWN reader involved with several important institution-building efforts in Iraq sent this to me last night.

Starbucks, Ikea, Apple, Google, and Al-Jazeera: Bush Wanted to Bomb the Fifth Best Known Brand Name in the World?



The Guardian Newspaper has run an oped style query titled “Why Do You Want to Bomb Me, Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair?” by Al-Jazeera Managing Director Wadah Kanfar today, and it’s very interesting, particularly because it reminds us that Al-Jazeera was thought of very differently before 9/11. One point of headline confusion though.