Harriet Miers: Can She Write a Clear Court Decision? Can We Confirm a Ghost Writer?



David Brooks asks a very good question about Harriet Miers in his New York Times column this morning: Can Harriet Miers write a lucid Court decision? Did Bush ask for a writing example? Did he ask Laura to review it? While I think it’s useful to have fundamentalists and establishment Republicans divide over Harrier Miers,…

Chastened Proponents of the Iraq War Huddle Together



This Financial Times article is a must read. Those whose expectations have been “dashed” and who played such a pivotal role in directing America’s armies to invade Iraq need to be held accountable for their recklessness. It’s not enough to lament and say, after the fact, that things didn’t go well. “It’s too bad.

Enough Talk: Bolton Wants Real Muscle on Darfur but Suggests No Course of Action



John Bolton has preempted a Security Council briefing on Darfur. It was over Bolton’s ambivalence about coordinated international action in the case of genocide that Senator Russell Feingold — a staunch believer that the President should nearly always have the team he or she wants — decided to oppose Bolton’s nomination to the United Nations….

Galima Bukharbaeva: Listen Again to Her Uzbekistan Report



I was reading about Condoleeza Rice’s trip to Kyrgyzstan and her efforts to secure ongoing U.S. access to bases there. She succeeded, but in the various reports, it was noted that she skipped Uzbekistan — where Americans have had a base which will soon be abandoned.

“Hucksterism” at Delphi: Top Execs Rewarded While Workers Getting Screwed



Economist Peter Morici, with whom I used to work many years ago at the Economic Strategy Institute, has sent out a superb note outlining the “self-dealing” among top executives at Delphi, which has just declared bankruptcy. He writes: Delphi CEO Robert S.