What the Fitzgerald Investigation is Really About: Truth & Accountability



After Fitzgerald’s announcement of five indictment charges against I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, I have to admit that I felt sick to my stomach about this whole affair. It is a great national tragedy to have someone of Libby’s stature fall from his post — but it is something that had to happen.

Under Secretary Source was Grossman



Bolton in the clear. This from a tuned-in TWN reader. His comment seems right: The Undersecretary of State referenced in the indictment is not John Bolton — it is Marc Grossman, the former U/S for Political Affairs. Because Powell and Armitage were out of the country at the time, Grossman was Acting Sec State.

Which Under Secretary of State Trafficked in Valerie Plame Wilson Info?



Here is the current roster of senior State Department officials. Robert Joseph now holds the portfolio previously held by John Bolton. My hunch — given the other options at the Under Secretary level — is that John Bolton was one of Libby’s four sources on Valerie Plame Wilson. It would be nice to have confirmation….

Scooter Libby to be Indicted; Rove May Miss Bullet for Now



In my report the other morning after my accident, I mentioned that a prominent journalist had shared this: My sense is that the Rove team is feeling more confident today, the Libby team despondent This squares with the New York Times report this morning that Libby is up for indictment this morning — and Rove…




After yesterday’s goof — I’m letting all know that all I have is an ongoing swirl of rumors. But here is a note I received from a friend: Steve: First, I hope you’re feeling better. A conspiracy theorist would have a field day with this incident.