The Day Ahead. . .Filling Time Pre-Fitzgerald Announcement


I’m off this morning to meet with Nancy Roman, Washington Director of the Council on Foreign Relations, to discuss her report that calls for a bipartisan foreign policy. (. . .but just popped a couple of pain pills.)
My colleague and good friend Mark Schmitt took the CFR and Roman to task for the report, pretty harshly in fact.
I am very interested in this subject of re-building an “enlightened, pragmatic center” in foreign policy circles — not to be a compromise between right and left — but mostly to get us back to some groove that blends realism about America’s opportunities and challenges with a strong sense of inspired (and inspiring) ethical behavior and humanitarian concern.
So, we are going to chat about bipartisanship. I really do think that the problem lies less between parties — and rather with factions inside each party — but should be an interesting discussion.
I need to do something to fill the time before the Fitzgerald announcement.
Be back with you later.
— Steve Clemons