Galima Bukharbaeva: Listen Again to Her Uzbekistan Report


I was reading about Condoleeza Rice’s trip to Kyrgyzstan and her efforts to secure ongoing U.S. access to bases there. She succeeded, but in the various reports, it was noted that she skipped Uzbekistan — where Americans have had a base which will soon be abandoned.
I have long thought that America’s deal-making with Uzbekistan’s President Islam Karimov was a few notches past disgusting — and that this character was very much like Saddam Hussein was via America two decades ago.
But if you have not heard it, Galima Bukharbaeva’s talk at the recent mega-conference on America’s “next phase” response to terrorism is profoundly important. She was the only reporter on hand to bring the world news (and a chilling recording) of the slaughter of innocent people in the name of fighting “Islamic extremists” by Karimov’s soldiers in Andijon, Uzbekistan.
Her talk is only about ten minutes long — and can be heard by clicking here. (“Windows Media” format)
Just thought that you should hear this again, if you did not the day she spoke.
— Steve Clemons