Feingold Poses Question to Bush that Should Be Posed to Senators: Why Would You Confirm a Guy Who Despises the U.N.?”



Reports have come in that Senator Russ Feingold got an ear-full about John Bolton during his annual “listening sessions” tour last week in Wisconsin. This from the Badger-Herald: Bolton, President Bush’s choice to serve as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, was the recipient of nearly unanimous scorn Friday from local residents attending Democratic U.S….

Salute to Ambassador Richard Davies: Opposing John Bolton’s Nomination was Last Official Act of Distinguished Ambassador



While Fox News decided to mock some of the names among 62 Ambassadorial signatories of a letter opposing John Bolton’s U.N. nomination, most of America’s media establishment has treated the letter and the diplomats who signed with the respect that their service to this country more than justifies.

If There is No Accountability at the Top, There is No Accountability At All



Yesterday, I participated in a planning meeting with some of our nation’s most talented political advisors and communications specialists. There were only about 15 people in the meetings that ran for five hours Thursday evening and through much of the day Friday — and our discussion focused a lot on foreign policy questions.

UN-Bolting Congress From John Bolton: 118 Hours to Prepare Before Hearing Starts



I have a number of important items that I will be posting today and tomorrow that need to be added to John Bolton’s file. On Monday, I will also be posting a roster of questions that Members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee should be asking John Bolton.