TWN Goes for the Prairie Grunge Look in Iowa City


Steve Clemons Prairie Grunge.jpg
(photo credit: Serge Giachetti)
I really enjoyed the meetings today in Iowa City. About 180 people showed up at the Iowa City Public Library and another dozen or so at the Prairie Lights Bookstore where TWN had a blog salon.
Three impressive guys — a philosphy student, aspiring photojournalist, and future culture maven, all from Grinnell — really made the afternoon interesting. Serge Giachetti shot the pic above.
That’s me — in prairie grunge.
— Steve Clemons


14 comments on “TWN Goes for the Prairie Grunge Look in Iowa City

  1. wow power leveling says:

    you’re going to dish dirt on me you’ll need to be original. I have already written a book about my felonious past. I outed myself, so to speak so there is nothing revelatory about these so-called factoids. The book is called News Junkie. It was published last week.


  2. RichF says:

    Is that one of those guys from Prairie Home Companion?
    He must be! He’s smiling!
    (actually, you look fine–but tired.)


  3. rimone says:

    you look great–please keep the hair, Steve. as you must know, here in the UK it’s normal for serious people in whatever line of work to display their individuality.


  4. Mocu says:

    I like the look. Scruffy. The real Steve. You have more important things to do than preen in front of mirrors. A “come as you are” sort of guy. Nothing wrong with it at all. Women find it appealing.
    Forget about the lost bag, you’re having a good time, aren’t you?


  5. elementary teacher says:

    My goodness, Steve … That picture — I feel so badly about not yet having donated to support TWN. Look at you, poor dear! As soon as I get my paycheck this month … 😀


  6. verushka says:

    you foreign policy rockstar.


  7. Rick B says:

    Lessons from one who was a frequent Braniff flyer –
    Walgreens – buy razors. Shave in the shower, no shaving cream needed. Deoderant will make you feel better.
    Then hit a thrift shop. Pick up at least two shirts.
    If you will be gone over three days, hit the WalMart for a package of underwear. Less than that you can rinse out at night if you are picky. If you are not picky (or ex-military) the underwear will be ok for at least a week.
    Ovoid being in close quarters with women. They have a better sense of smell than men do, and for some odd reason it seems to matter to them. Guys really don’t care.
    In 15 trips on Braniff, they lost my luggage 14 times. It always showed up about when I was going back. Since my employer was paying for the ticket, my lugage problems were irrelevant. But I did predict that they were going under.


  8. Carroll says:

    Actually, it’s not that bad….the hair is o.k., you just need a shave and a new shirt…


  9. Pissed Off American says:

    I keep an ashtray full of change in my truck to hand out to the homeless, with that look you would be a shoe-in for five bucks.


  10. Anwar al-Insurgent says:

    Gad-danged hippies are everywhere! Smoking that gad-danged hippy crack and looking socially frightening. Ever heard of the barbershop? Ever heard of the bathtub? Ever heard of a change of cloths? Ever heard of Homeland Security and looking at that gad-danged picture, now we all know why they took your gad-danged luggage. Deadeye Dick Cheney never looks shabby like that.


  11. profmarcus says:

    i’m not sure where the “prairie grunge” comment comes from because i see that look world-wide… grunge tip: i’d lose the sport jacket, slacks, and shirt, and trade ’em in for jeans, a black “t,” and a denim jacket… there’s nothing that makes people listen more attentively than the guest of the evening (whose reputation just so happens to be rather button-down), appearing in genuine grunge and speaking intelligently, articulately, and to the point… keeps ’em guessing, dontcha know…
    it’s kite-flying weather this afternoon here in buenos aires, so i’m taking my grungy self over to parque saavedra… chau…


  12. Punchy says:

    Mr. Clemons–save that get-up…it makes a fantastic Leprechaun outfit for Halloween.


  13. Mr. T says:

    Steve – I haven’t been reading this blog since its beginning, so I don’t know if you have considered this suggestion or not: Have you thought about recording your speaking sessions and podcasting them? For example I would have been really interested in listening to this discussion in Iowa City (where I went to school as well).


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