Obama/Bayh Bumper Stickers?


I am standing by my hunch that it’s Biden, but need to note this odd news that some company in Kansas City has printed some Obama/Bayh bumper stickers.
Let’s hope that this is a mistake, or misprint. . .
But I have to admit that folks figured out John Edwards was running as Kerry’s running mate when they saw new stenciling being painted on to Kerry’s airplane.
Not Bayh — please no. His father maybe, but not Evan…!
— Steve Clemons


12 comments on “Obama/Bayh Bumper Stickers?

  1. pvogel says:

    my sister recievd the bayh stickers yesterday
    > Wonder what I should do with the 1000s of stickers that say Obama/Bayh 08?
    > Think they’ll be worth any $$$ one day


  2. DonnaZ says:

    Bayh? I walked through the snow to campaign for the elder Bayh. I
    wouldn’t cross the street for the younger.
    Hopefully Biden will give up the idea of partitioning countries.


  3. pauline says:

    I heard on NPR that the O team is so tight-lipped that the lack of leaks has never been seen or heard before in a national political campaign — especially a dem campaign. The NPR report said it’s only 5-6 people who are controlling the entire O team plans.
    Why would some printed bumper-stickers indicate a selected choice has been leaked? Some company’s bumper stickers leaked and that’s really all we can say.
    Certainly the O team is shrewd enough to demand a simple non-disclosure form with any official campaign bumper sticker printing company. Who would jeopardize their printing business leaking that info? Hmm?
    The political play involved in national political campaigning includes head-fakes, winks and bluffs. It’s expected to be part of this political plotting.
    I’m going to stop reading the blogs for tonight and go read a good book. Have fun!


  4. ed says:

    I love how it’s a “hunch”. As though SClem’s spidey sense started tingling before the Conventional Wisdom went nuts for Biden (while Bayh was still “greater than 50-50 to be Veep, incidentally). Will the self-congratulations ever end? My intuition–and I’m hardly ever wrong–tells me no.


  5. lambert strether says:

    The stickers don’t look like Obama marketing collateral, but they do look like DNC
    collateral. Yeah, fake and ugly, what a surprise.


  6. Johnh says:

    The perfect candidate for the Party of Sheep–Bayh, Bayh. Bleaters all.


  7. Lee Mortimer says:

    Joe Biden will be such welcome news, if for no other reason than
    our collective sigh of relief that it won’t be Evan Bayh.


  8. Clyde says:

    The branding on these bumper stickers is way off for a team that
    has been so consistent with their branding efforts.
    Big head fake.


  9. More Axe says:

    Yeah, those don’t really look like the quality of branding the Obama campaign us known for….


  10. evap says:

    oops… that was suppose to say
    “Obama and any plausible running mate”


  11. evap says:

    You can buy t-shirts and bumper stickers with just about any combination of Obama and . It doesn’t mean anything.
    I googled “Obama-Bayh” and found a ton of stuff, t-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers…


  12. steve says:

    have you SEEN these bumper stickers? couldn’t be more fake. Its
    like during the superbowl, the shirt company makes shirts that say
    “NY Giants world champions” and “New England Patriots World
    Champions” There just covering their bases


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