Oakley & Annie Make Two Amazing Weimaraners: Happy Holidays and Thanks for Your Support of <em>TWN</em>


annie up xmas.jpg
This morning getting stranded at Reagan National Airport on the edge of a fun holiday was not fun — but far less of an ordeal for the thousands of passengers stranded in Denver.
Happy holidays — in advance — to all. And a huge thanks to those of you who have been remembering The Washington Note during your holiday and end of the year giving. We really appreciate the financial support — and emotional, political, and moral support — you give this blog.
There is a paypal link on the blog for those of you who wish to make a donation — and some have asked for an address to send cards, checks, etc. For those of you who prefer mail, my address is:

Steve Clemons
The Washington Note
1630 Connecticut Avenue, NW, 7th Floor
Washington, DC 20009

annie xmas.jpg
Now for fun — so many of you have asked about Annie — Oakley the Amazing Weimaraner’s new little sister. Here are some pics — below and above — that should make your day (and week) an even happier one.
annie and oakley bed.jpg
annie and oakley chair.jpg
More soon — thanks again — and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
— Steve Clemons


21 comments on “Oakley & Annie Make Two Amazing Weimaraners: Happy Holidays and Thanks for Your Support of <em>TWN</em>

  1. wendy says:

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    Zionist Jews seem to be trying to replace the Crucifixion of Christ with The Holocaust in American culture. Whereas Christians believe that Christ died for our sins to redeem all mankind and advocating forgiveness, Jewish Zionists keep claiming that “6 million Jews” were killed by non-Jews, particularly Nazis, and “the world let it happen”, and that we must always be reminded that Jews are perpetually innocent victims whom perpetually we owe this and that to. Their motto: “Never forget!” is basically one of unforgiving revenge and everyone must keep paying them with free oil pipelines (courtesy of Iraqis and unwitting Americans) to free land (stolen from the Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese) and Israel demands and receives billions of our tax dollars annually, Holocaust museums, memorials and school programs subsidized with out tax dollars to indocrtinate non-Jewish Americans to be obedientwith regards to keep giving Zionist Jews and Israel free everything. JUST SAY NO to this immoral form of blackmail!
    * Abolish anti-democratic American laws that benefit Israel and Jewish people only such as the law that fines American companies if they choose to boycott Israel, and the law that permits people to give unlimited TAX-DEDUCTABLE amounts of money to Israel (apparently a WELFARE STATE as well as a terrorist state). Certainly there were no Americans laws fining American companies who boycotted apartheid South Africa. Au contraire!


  2. Alex says:

    Annie and Oakley look like they are already great pals. That shot of them in the beanbag is too funny. They’re cuties, Steve.
    Hope you can take a bit of a break and enjoy the holidays.
    I’m going to! 🙂


  3. Marine Mom says:

    Happy Holidays Steve!


  4. yep says:

    I noticed the wood floors. Do you have trouble with them scratching it up?


  5. elizabeth says:

    TWN and fellow readers:
    Happy Christmas all the best in the coming year!


  6. pauline says:

    These Wiemerainers look like dogs I would love to come home to or be able to take on long walks in the woods on weekends. Two examples of All God’s creatures great and small!
    Merry Christmas to Steve and all the TWN posters.
    Praying for peace in the new year!


  7. Chari says:

    Beautiful pups, Steve. Merry Christmas and have a fantastic New Year!


  8. liz says:

    Lovely family pics Steve!! Indeed fine Wiemerainers~ Beautiful pups. Merry Christmas Steve and thanks for sharing your beautiful pups with us. I personally appreciate what you do here on the web and just wanna take that proverbial minute to say thanks….I think I need a dog like that…..


  9. gq says:

    Happy religious and/or secular (or no) holidays, Steve! Personally, I prefer Festivus, but since I’ll be travelling, the pole will not make an appearance this year. *sigh*
    Thanks for you information and perspective. I look forward to a new and promising year, with perhaps a little less sucking up :o). And maybe ideas on how to get young people a little more informed on foreign policy issues.


  10. Carroll says:

    Ahhhhhh…they are so adorable! Christmas is for puppies!
    Merry Christmas to Steve,TWN and thanks for great job you do.
    Here’s hoping for some Good Will toward All in 2008.


  11. Pissed Off American says:

    Merry Christmas to all.
    Pray for peace………..
    …and justice.


  12. vachon says:

    Happy and merry to you and yours, Steve.


  13. Marky says:

    Merry Christman, Steve.


  14. JRB says:

    Merry merry, Steve.


  15. karenk says:

    Hope Santa leaves something nice under your tree(and the new puppy doesn’t).
    Thanks for the great blog, and all the inside scoops…


  16. profmarcus says:

    thanks for your hard work on behalf of all of us who are desperately working and hoping to get our country back on the right track… as a blogger and long-haul international traveler myself, i appreciate all too well what kind of dedication it takes to keep up with your blog across multiple time zones, the challenges of internet accessibility, and still fulfill your professional obligations…
    the most joyous of holidays to you and be grateful you aren’t stuck in the denver airport…


  17. Jack says:

    It could be worse Steve you could have decide to travel yesterday morning and shared a floor in Denver with my wife and 3000 other people last night. She just had to get business trip in before Christmas. Now it looks like Sunday is the earliest she can book a flight home. It looks like I’ll be doing the Christmas thing with the inlaws by myself.
    Thanks for doing the blog I enjoy your insight.
    Happy holidays


  18. ET says:

    Happiest Holidays to you and the TWN family, Steve!


  19. Dan Kervick says:

    Yes, these are amazingly cute dog pictures. My wife is going to love them.
    Happy holidays to you too, Steve, from my dog Rico – who looks like some kind of rat terrier something-or-other mix.


  20. Ian Kaplan says:

    Those are just terminally cute pictures of
    Annie and Oakley. Thanks for posting them.
    My wife jokes that you now have three people who
    will love you, even when you’re wrong (and getting
    flack from the progressive faction on your blog):
    your partner, Oakley and Annie. We can think of
    G.W. Bush, who few like these days, but who is still
    loved by his dog (or so I assume – maybe his dog
    is saying to himself “Man, what a doofus”).
    I hope your, your love and the fur persons have
    wonderful holidays. I’m looking forward to
    pictures of Annie as she grows up.


  21. sb says:

    How cute. Just remember it’s been a while since you have had a puppy. Poinsettias are toxic, and puppies chew everything, especially wires and extension cords.


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