Kirby Dick’s “Outrage” on DC Gay Insider Hypocrisy and Protection Racket


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Kirby Dick, the Academy Award nominated film director for This Film Is Not Yet Rated, will soon be releasing a new film on the hypocrisy of in-the-closet gay politicians and the lengths Washington will go to help protect them even as they vote and legislate against equal rights and protections for gay and lesbian Americans.
The new film, Outrage will be released on May 8th but will be featured in the Tribeca Film Festival between April 22nd and May 3rd.
I haven’t seen the film but understand that it is powerful and pulls ajar doors that some key Republican political personalities are trying to keep jammed shut. Gay activist, blogger, and gay Republican outing-machine Mike Rogers — who nailed Senator Larry Craig (so to speak) — features pretty heavily in the film, and I’ve been told today that yours truly appears in it as well.
Something for your calendars.
— Steve Clemons


One comment on “Kirby Dick’s “Outrage” on DC Gay Insider Hypocrisy and Protection Racket

  1. jb says:

    Ya think Kirby could do a documentary on an ANTI Gay Bakery in
    Tulsa, Oklahoma? It is not just the bakery. A quiet snub is felt
    here anytime the SUNDAY PEOPLE suspect you are living in a gay
    relationship. A HUGE Quiet Sting of sorts…
    I can do little but pass along the information in hopes that such
    snobbery does not profit.
    This in my email this morning…: 04-09-09
    Okay kids – time to pass the word. One of my co-worker’s
    ordered a cake from Merritt’s for her husband’s birthday. She
    wanted a picture on it (a big group pic of lots of friends, and in
    the picture her husband was kissing some guy on the forehead –
    real sexy stuff, huh?). She’s been going to Merritt’s for 20 plus
    years like the rest of us. They told her it is against Merritt’s
    corporate policy to put pictures of men-kissing-men or
    women-kissing-women on any of their cakes (same goes for
    two grooms or two brides on a wedding cake). So we just tested
    it at work again this morning (pretended to order a cake and
    sent over a picture to use with two guys kissing) and were told
    the same thing. We could either cancel our order or send in a
    different picture. All of this went down at the midtown location.
    This really makes me sad as I’ve used Merritt’s forever. As of
    today, no more business from me. Please forward this along to
    everyone. Thanks,


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