John McCain Will, Yes He Will


Via John Aravosis, comedian Andy Cobb and friends go after John McCain in an Obama “Yes We Can” parody.

— Steve Clemons


2 comments on “John McCain Will, Yes He Will

  1. susan says:

    Steve, This is going on in your backyard. Why don’t you attend a few of the events and give us your impressions?
    Live From The Comcast Center At University of MD
    by Todd Beeton, Mon Feb 11, 2008 at 01:00:08 PM EST
    I raced down to College Park to hit the first of two rallies Barack Obama is holding here in Maryland today. This one’s at the Comcast Center and, well, let’s just say it seats 18,000 and this place is full. I’ve actually never seen anything like this, as far as political events go. I was a bit lost wandering the arena before I found the press entrance and was up in the nosebleed sections and got a view of the place from the top and it was pretty breathtaking; you expect this from a U2 concert. By the way, more than 2 hours after “doors opened” they’re still letting people in, the guards shouting to people “Come on, you can still make it, Yes you can!” Pretty funny


  2. FGF says:

    This troop has produced some excellent similar material available on YouTube. Some of the best political and social satire today. Their satire of Rush I can watch again and again and again, in complete contrast to the real thing. However, I do hope their muse is limited in coming years.


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