Huckabee’s Win in West Virginia + More


Mike Huckabee’s win in West Virginia combined with the fact that he is virtually neck and neck and neck in a three way battle with McCain and Mitt Romney in West Virginia virtually assures Huckabee’s status as the high sizzle Vice Presidential nominee.
Republicans are not matching Democrats on turnout — and they need the high precision, effective organization of evangelicals if they are going to compete against either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.
Huckabee’s legs in this race today further reinforce my view that he will be #1 on every serious list to run as VP on the GOP ticket.
— Steve Clemons


8 comments on “Huckabee’s Win in West Virginia + More

  1. John Q. says:

    Mike Huckabee would be the best choice for John McCain’s VP. The GOP needs to firm up or it’s going to split.
    McCain has positives that Huckabee lacks and vice versa.
    This author is dead on.


  2. Mr.Murder says:

    McCain, so afraid of the baby right to life Frankenstein monster his party made, resorts to adding Huckabee on his ticket.
    A man with nukular measurable negatives.
    Ignorant and corrupt, he tried to subvert the state’s Constitution to get around its mandated balanced budget. All in order kick pork to his backers for highway deals slated to to start after he was out of office.
    The preacher who freed Wayne Dumond at the behest of anti-Clinton witch hunters, including Swift Boat author Jerome Coursi, who left comments at the Free Republic website about his efforts to have Huckabee invoke parole. The ‘preacher’ still does rock concerts for the right wing hate site in the DC area.
    If Republicans can’t keep trash like that off the ticket, they’ll be relegated to the political dustbin for coming decades.


  3. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Oh goodie, a VP that believes that mankind is 6 thousand years old.
    Have the American people gone totally daft?


  4. Pacific Coast Ron says:

    The fantasies of the tax nuts … I’ve studied economics, I’ve got my own business last year’s accounting to finish, and I’m too scared to look at my IRA after today’s big bath on the stockmarkets.
    But without researching the details of this particular function of Ayn Rand worship, we can just set out the questions and see the problems start to pile up.
    A. Is it a sales tax like we know in NY and CA and most others, that is added onto the sales price? Nobody’s gonna be happy with that at the mall, customers or sales staff. Nobody is gonna feel like they’re paying less tax with a 23% at-least tack on to every pair of sunglasses. And do the state sales taxes go away? Not likely.
    B. Or is it a valued-added tax like in Europe, where each grower and shipper and warehouser and jobber has to file all their paperwork with the tax authorities so they can calculate the tax to each entity – 17% I think in Eur., again 23% at least here – which is then built into the sales price? In other words, that $150 dollar TV is now $184.50 … so you don’t really notice it as a customer, except that EVERYTHING is a lot more now and that’s not even counting businesses throwing in a few more per cent to themselves here and there.
    C. And then somehow this huge sales tax is going to be rebated to America’s poor … and get rid of the IRS too? But won’t America’s poor have to apply for the rebate … and won’t America’s Republican governments require that those applications actually be checked somehow to figure out who’s poor enough to get the rebate … or else there’ll be massive fraud and no tax collections (perhaps the real motive of the Randist/libertarians after all) … and so won’t you end up with something very much like the IRS to figure who gets the rebate and who doesn’t ?
    Dream on, kids and whackers … there’s no way to keep civilized society — which I assure you really want, even if you disgrace it more often than you elevate it — and get to a tax-free libertarian paradise.


  5. carsick says:

    Oops, I mean, Huckabee has insured he will be on the SECOND shortest list for VP…


  6. carsick says:

    Huckabee has just insured that he is on the shortest list for VP. It will also be McCain’s swan song with Independents if he chooses Huckabee in the end. If McCain’s age isn’t an issue now, it will be as soon as he picks Huckabee…at least with Independents and potential cross-over Dems.


  7. Jason says:

    I completely agree with you on Huckabee’s VP potential. He balances out many of McCain’s negatives (e.g. age, hipness), and offers him a connection to evangelicals and Walmart Republicans, two significant voting blocks that McCain would otherwise have trouble attracting.
    He seems like such an obvious choice that I have trouble seeing McCain pick anyone else. Then again, I’m not familiar enough with Republican politics to even know of the good alternatives out there.
    The potential downside is that the media might start taking Huckabee seriously and question him more on some of his loonier proposals (e.g. the Fair Tax, sorry Chris, but almost all economists have trashed the idea) and his personal beliefs that many find offensive, such as when he compared homosexuality with bestiality.
    Here’s an interesting question: have McCain and Huckabee already talked, and possibly worked out a deal? Huckabee has been going out of his way to trash Romney and help McCain, such as WVA today…


  8. Chris says:

    I’m voting for Huck because of his ideas on the fair tax. The Fair Tax is such a great system. It makes so much sense for America at this point in our history; increasing productivity, encouraging moving up in the income brackets, and making taxes simpler for all. I found a great petition telling Congress to look into the fair tax, and, as we gain more signatures, money is donated to the fair tax cause.
    We need to tell America to make this important change. We need to speak out!


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