John Bolton: Setting Up the Lebanon-Deployed UN Force for Failure



John Bolton spent four months and made approximately 70 journalist and editorialist calls setting low expectations for the embryonic UN Human Rights Council. Had he spent nearly this amount of effort working to actually secure a Human Rights Council that met American expectations, we would probably have succeeded far beyond expectations. John Bolton is now undermining the UN international force to be deployed in Lebanon. Here is the latest: U.S. involvement in a peacekeeping force is likely to be limited…

Dems Should Really, Really, Really Want to Run Against George Allen



Of all the Democratic presidential candidates for 2008 now in the field, the one that Republican strategists most want is Hillary Clinton. That doesn’t mean that she is an easy win for them and doesn’t mean that she won’t clobber her challenger — but the Rove-minions want her. But who do Dems want? In my view, the most challenging Republican contender is Senator John McCain. McCain is a complicated person, but he’s no duplicate copy of George W. Bush and…

Shoes Off at the Airport: TSA PsyOps Operation



My friend John Aravosis has just tipped me off to a disconcerting and irritating bit of news that AP has reported. Apparently, all of us who have been “optionally” removing our shoes at the airport and putting them through the X-ray machine might just as well have had them packed with some sort of incendiary material as many of the screening machines have not been upgraded to detect explosives. We all know that these shoe screenings were not really optional…

Beating Terrorism: It’s the Grievances, Stupid



First of all, as Jeffrey Gedmin is frequently known to say, “I’m overstating for effect.” I am going to debate some points that Gedmin raises in an interesting op-ed in today’s Financial Times, and I — in no way — mean to assert that Gedmin is stupid. He is a well-informed and capable public intellectual serving as Director of the Aspen Institute Berlin after serving as the founding director of the New Atlantic Initiative housed at the American Enterprise Institute….

Launching <em>Le Cercle Lafayette</em>



Completely independently of my recent post acknowledging France’s diplomatic maneuvers in securing UN Resolution 1701 calling for an end to the violence between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon, I have agreed to help organize a new U.S.-France group of public affairs and policy intellectuals called Le Cercle Lafayette. With the enthusiastic support of French Ambassador Jean-David Levitte, we will be launching this new group at the Ambassador’s home September 6th on what is Marquis de Lafayette’s 249th birthday. I need…

The Diplomacy Prize Goes to France This Round



Around the United States and the world, there are high school, community college, and university exercises called “Model United Nations”. Basically, students divide themselves into different national and regional clusters. There are NGOs in the simulated exercises — usually crises that the students need to work through — as well as students assigned to perform U.N. Secretariat functions. At the end of the multi-day meetings, prizes are distributed to college teams and students for exemplary performance. The best prizes go…

Olmert to Rein In Military Operations and Pull Back



I just had a call from Jerusalem and have been informed by a senior source inside the Israeli government that Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will abide by the terms of the UN Resolution which has support of all the key members of the UN Security Council. This Resolution — while only a Chapter 6 non-binding resolution — calls for withdrawal of Israeli troops from Lebanon while a 15,000 member Lebanon military force monitors Israel’s pull-out. The Resolution also calls…

Cheney, Hannity & Lieberman: When Fear is All You Have



I was flipping through the channels briefly this evening and caught Sean Hannity saying that if the Connecticut primary race had been held next Tuesday rather than yesterday, Lieberman probably would have won. Just think, Joe Lieberman might not then have been blasting his constituents and the Democratic Party as well as Ned Lamont as appeasers of terrorism. Those words are going to be tough for Lieberman to walk back when he realizes he’s ticked off a good number of…

Joe Lieberman: Karl Rove’s Agent?



This in from a “White House Pool Report” just sent to me by a friend: POOL REPORT KARL ROVE CAME BACK to pool and talked on record ON LIEBERMAN ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE SAYS HE CALLED LIEBERMAN..AND SAID HE’S A PERSONAL FRIEND Rove. Called lieberman TUESDAY AFTERNOON AT ABOUT 5 PM AND WISHED HIM Well…..election day Just adding it all up. . . — Steve Clemons Ed Note: Thanks to MB for forwarding this report.