Who Would Be al Qaeda’s Candidate?


I recently enjoyed a BloggingHeads discussion, or what Non Zero author and BloggingHeads creator Robert Wright calls a “diavlog”, with Juan Cole.
This morning’s New York Times oped page picked up a five minute clip of my discussion with Juan Cole. This section features our chat after I asked him which American presidential candidate would radical Muslims hope to see in the White House.
I think we both agreed that al Qaeda would prefer John McCain.
Here is the entire discussion:

— Steve Clemons


8 comments on “Who Would Be al Qaeda’s Candidate?

  1. Henry says:

    I did it, I got through all 55 minutes! How did Juan Cole hold the telephone to his ear all that time without losing circulation? Very thought-provoking discussion. Thank you, guys. Henry.


  2. Mr.Murder says:

    On the whole it was a great effort by both of you. Almost exhaustive. Very detailed and candid.
    More of this in today’s media!


  3. Mr.Murder says:

    Agreed Kathleen, the comment was sarcastic.


  4. Kathleen says:

    Hold the phone guys… not all librarians are cut from the same mold. CT. librariasn told Busholini what do to with his “letters of interest” and refused to comply.


  5. Mr.Murder says:

    Your 20 min. mark, you said librarians agreed to vote for Bush after THK statements about real work?
    Certainly they agreed, after budget cuts for states forced many libraries to radically alter revenue and cut items like after school mentoring, etc.
    Those Ashcroft decisions to spy on check out records and take Legal Code away from the public there were quite a hit with librarians also.


  6. Kathleen says:

    If your Mommy and Daddy were in business with the Bushes, wouldn’t you want Dopey and Darth to stay right where they are? Bin laden will probably accommodate that by another “9/11” to justify declaration of a “national Emergency” Martial Law and cancelled elections.
    All of which expalins Darth’s attitude to pulbic opinion.
    “So”, indeed.


  7. christy kennedy says:

    Thanks. It’s always nice to hear from people who know what they’re talking about instead of the delusional, short-sighted spin we get from the Bush administration and the surface treatment we get from most media outlets.


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