WHITE HOUSE WORRIED: Reports are that “Full-Court Press” On to Keep All 10 Committee Republicans Behind Bolton


This was the lead piece in the latest CQ Today

Senate Democrats are digging through John R. Bolton’s record to see whether there is enough controversy in his hard-line views on international security to derail his nomination as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Bolton, who has been a vocal critic of the United Nations for years, faces a daylong Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on April 7. Committee Democrats appear to be unified in their opposition to Bolton, while most Republicans have endorsed the nomination.
Norm Kurz, spokesman for Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware, the ranking Foreign Relations Democrat, said members and staff are doing a thorough review of Bolton’s entire career. Biden has not publicly said whether he would support the nomination, but he voted against Bolton when he was nominated to be undersecretary of State in 2001.
One Senate aide said the White House is putting on a “full-court press” to keep all 10 Committee Republicans behind Bolton.

A full-court press wouldn’t be needed, President Bush, if this nomination made even a little bit of sense.
— Steve Clemons