THE WASHINGTON POST IS TAKING NOMINATIONS for the best political blogs. Obviously, I think that Josh Marshall’s www.TalkingPointsMemo.com ought to sweep the categories, but I think that there may be a couple of sections that www.TheWashingtonNote.com might be competitive in.
Also, Matthew Yglesias and a great number of brilliant bloggers are out there whom you might want to nominate. Did you know that if you Google just the name “Matthew” the first item that comes up is not Matthew the Apostle — but rather Matthew Yglesias’ blog.
If you are so inclined to look into this, the nominations end at noon on September 3rd, about a week away. Then voting for those nominated will begin on September 27th. Only the top five nominated sites in each category will be eligible to be voted on.
The link for more information is: www.washingtonpost.com/bestblogs
— Steve Clemons