U.S.-China Strategy and Punditry: Some Thoughts


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Yesterday evening, the New America Foundation‘s American Strategy Program organized a thoughtful session debating the future of American strategy vis-a-vis China.
The participants were Jim Pinkerton, Michael Lind, Sherle Schwenninger, Ted Halstead, Barry Lynn, Jennifer Buntman, Robert Wright, and myself.
Jim Pinkerton and I both have published major articles on China — and the subject is getting quite a bit of attention today. Barry Lynn, who fears the overconcentration of American and European productive capacity in China, has this well-received book out and has a major article he plans to have out in February on the China dimensions of his new book.
Though I’m on the road today and can’t link it, Jay Solomon has a terrific front page subject on exactly what we were discussing in today’s Wall Street Journal.
I am linking my article here, which was published in the Ripon Forum, a monthly magazine sponsored and supported by moderate Republicans. Pinkerton’s column is linked here and appeared in the increasingly must-read American Conservative.
More soon.
— Steve Clemons