Two New Dimples in the Bolton Story


Today has been intense.
First of all, I had an incredible afternoon at CNN’s Washington Bureau — meeting many of the producers and anchors in the bureau. Wolf Blitzer chatted with me a bit and told me he was going to check out the blog. His team has already been reading it regularly.
Next, I had a great time with Al Franken on his show on Air America Radio.
But two stories — both of which are stem-winders — have come my way, and I have to do more due diligence on them.
One deals with John Bolton’s supposed “herculean efforts” against the “Zionism is Racism” resolution.
The other deals with the surprising contours of John Negroponte’s relationship with John Bolton.
I can’t write more — particularly if these stories don’t hold up.
But stay tuned.
— Steve Clemons