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london bridge.jpgI really love going to London.
David Miliband, the UK foreign minister, has been a long time, excellent, committed blogger — and this is one of many things that draws me to London. I’ve been trying to extract a promise from Miliband that should he one day become Prime Minister, that he won’t lose his blogging voice. . .we’ll see.
Another is just my personal fascination with the scattering of kings and queens around Westminster Abbey. Does anyone know why Elizabeth 1 and Mary 1 are interred in the very same crypt?
I’m off to that great city today to speak at the RUSI (Royal United Services Institute) Global Leadership Forum. I’ll be speaking on the last panel on Friday — though my name does not yet appear on the program (. . .a late add).
Others appearing during this interesting two day forum are State Department Policy Planning Staff Director Anne-Marie Slaughter; Princeton University’s G. John Ikenberry; the London School of Economics’ Michael “Mick” Cox who once helped me write lyrics to a song we called “Hang Down Your Head John Bolton” — but we have since lost the lines but know that the song was excellent; UK Foreign Office Policy Planning Chief David Frost; former UK Foreign Minister Malcolm Rifkind; German Marshall Fund Senior Transatlantic Fellow and former Die Zeit senior foreign affairs correspondent Constanze Stelzenmueller, and a lot of others.
More soon.
— Steve Clemons


4 comments on “TWN on Road: London Calling

  1. Diane says:

    I think James I/VI had Mary I reinterred with Elizabeth I as a public sign that the religious struggle over the English succession which the two sisters had personified was now over.
    If this comment shows up multiple times, blame captcha.


  2. maye says:

    Mary and Elizabeth were sisters. Maybe it’s a family thing.
    Take the verger tour of W. Abbey and you’ll find out the answer to this and any other English monarchial question you might have


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