Top Prosecutor in AIPAC Case Departs for Private Sector Job


There is breaking news that Kevin DiGregory, the top prosecuting attorney in the espionage case against two former AIPAC employees — Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman — is leaving for a private sector position at Manatt, Phelps and Phillips.

There has been some concern that the case against Rosen and Weissman was coming undone because the process by which “sensitive information” may have been passed on to them is similar to the way many government offices pass on such information in other sectors. In other words, part of the defense case is to establish that Rosen’s and Weissman’s interaction with government officials were not only standard operating practice for them — but also for the government itself.
The government case will go to trial on April 29th — but Kevin DiGregory will be watching from the sidelines.

— Steve Clemons


3 comments on “Top Prosecutor in AIPAC Case Departs for Private Sector Job

  1. Mr.Murder says:

    This lame concession to one side of the body politic still backfired. Condi has had harsh words shape the language of debate in the region.
    Hope to find you well through this, Steve. Connect those who want to talk moderation there to people here, via media.


  2. Carroll says:

    If this case makes it to court I will be surprised. Every ploy on earth has been tired to prevent it.
    The original FBI guy in charge was accused of anti-semitism by Wexler and some other congressmen in a letter to Bush and he ended up being transfered to another position.
    Then we had the “freedom of speech” thing the “Reporter’s Committee” tried to present to the court to have it dismissed.
    Then the government officials called to testify for the defense which of course they won’t, so the judge can say the defense was denied a defense.
    And Judge Ellis himself is rather weird. In his bio I read he once cited a decision made by himself in one case as a precedent for another case. From what I understand that is rather unusual. And he has an ever weirder close friend referred to in his bio:
    It appears the only way anyone is going to get these guys is by vigilantee committee.


  3. samuel burke says:

    aint no biggie steve, the ongoing unwinding of the dollar/economy will eventually open up americans eyes to the zionist hijacking of their govt, cause sure as hell we cant expect the congress or any sector of the enslaved govt employees to make a stand and honor the constitution of this experiment with republican democracy.


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