Tom DeLay Indicted by Second Grand Jury for Money Laundering


Tom DeLay thinks he can beat one indictment and be back at his Majority Leader helm in no time.
But news is now just out that DeLay has been indicted by a separate grand jury on a different charge — this time, money laundering.
From the Austin American-Statesman:

A Texas grand jury on Monday indicted U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay on a new charge of money laundering.
A different grand jury whose six-month term ended last week indicted him on a conspiracy charge, forcing DeLay to temporarily step down as House majority leader.
Both indictments accuse DeLay and two political associates of conspiring to get around a state ban on corporate campaign contributions by funneling the money through the DeLay-founded Texans for a Republican Majority Political Action Committee to the Republican National Committee in Washington. The RNC then sent back like amounts to distribute to Texas candidates in 2002, the indictment alleges.
The new charge was the first action from a new Travis County grand jury, which started their term Monday. Another grand jury, which ended its term Sept. 28, handed up 41 indictments in the three-year investigation.

I think Mr. DeLay is out long-term, and American democracy may have some time to piece itself back together after the devastation that DeLay has inflicted on American affairs at home and abroad.
Do I hear a third or fourth indictment out there?
Keep suing him. Haul him in for questioning.
DeLay has been the boss of America’s 21st Century Tammany Hall machine.
— Steve Clemons