The Midwest, Iran and a Great Piece on John Bolton


I am struggling with a computer crash — an APPLE G4 17″ Powerbook — that I thought would never go bad, but it has. The computer won’t even boot from the disk. The apple just appears and a little whirling circle just whirrrrs. I don’t have time to sit for hours in the Apple store — so, I’m temporarily using my old Dell, which I grew to dislike long ago.
That said, I thought I would post three short pieces for your perusal.
The first is a nice write-up by John Farrell of the Denver Post of our Iran conference last Thursday.
The second is from the Milwaukee Sentinel-Journal with some comments on Khatami and Iran by yours truly in a very good piece by Douglas Savage.
The third is a comprehensive round-up by Stephen Schlesinger of the many reasons to oppose John Bolton. I still think the nomination is dead in committee and cannot move to the floor, but Lazarus and Bolton do have a few things in common. And while I think it would be complete political suicide for Chafee to re-open this matter, I see signs that the administration is cobbling something together on Israel-Palestine, though its still very embryonic and Chafee would be mistaken to get seduced by the talk of action.
More later.
— Steve Clemons


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