The Edwards Drama: A Statement from Rielle Hunter


MyDD’s Jerome Armstrong has secured a statement from Rielle Hunter, the woman with whom John Edwards has been accused of having an affair.
From MyDD’s site:

“The innuendoes and lies that have appeared on the internet and in the National Enquirer concerning John Edwards are not true, completely unfounded and ridiculous.
My video production company was hired by the Edwards camp on a 6 month contract, which we completed December 31, 2006.
When working for the Edwards camp, my conduct as well as the conduct of my entire team was completely professional.
This concocted story is just dirty politics and I want no part of it.”

Technically, I wish Hunter had said flatly: “I had no sexual affair of any kind with John Edwards.” Some on the right will read her statement as a non-denial denial.
But at least someone has said something in defense of Edwards as he has been quiet. If the veracity of Hunter’s denial is solid, then Edwards and/or Hunter should demand a retraction from the National Enquirer and sue if they don’t get it.
— Steve Clemons