I have just arrived back in the U.S. from a trip from Hamburg that took me through Frankfurt, then JFK Airport, then had an interesting taxi cab ride to La Guardia — and then the bumpiest flight I’ve had in years from La Guardia to Reagan National. But, I’m back.
I have a lot to be thankful for, but I know that there are many folks having a tough time with this economy right now — and many on the front lines of this Iraq mess to whom we owe a great deal of gratitude. We need to focus on bringing these people home.
We also need to focus on terminating Tom Delay’s tenure in the House, and we need war-profiteering hearings in the Senate. There is much to do after this holiday.
Read Tom Friedman’s New York Times piece today that I thought was utterly strange and showed that Tom’s ego is getting in the way of his commentary on public policy and ethics. But that can happen to all of us.
I did sort of like the last graf:
. . .then I want to be just a simple blue-state red-state American. I want to take time on this Thanksgiving to thank God I live in a country where, despite so much rampant selfishness, the public schools still manage to produce young men and women ready to voluntarily risk their lives in places like Iraq and Afghanistan to spread the opportunity of freedom and to protect my own. And I want to thank them for doing this, even though on so many days in so many ways we really don’t deserve them.
I do think it is amazing that there are so many soldiers willing to sacrifice all for the nation when America has such self-dealing going on among members of Congress and some in the administration — and I mean in both parties. Much to think about today.
To all out there, you and your friends and families — have a great Thanksgiving.
— Steve Clemons