Terrorism, Security & America’s Purpose: Towards A More Comprehensive Strategy


For the next several days, I will be providing regular updates about the themes and issues, as well as speakers, that will be part of a major national policy forum on terrorism that I am helping to organize in Washington on September 6 & 7.
For those of you outside Washington, we will have a high-quality, real time webcast of the two-day event.
I am pleased to report that my discussion this past weekend in the Hamptons with General Wesley Clark, former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO and candidate for President of the United States, has led in part to him joining us as one of the featured speakers in the conference. He has some novel and important views to share on U.S. defense policy, terrorism, and our circumstances today in Iraq and with Iran.
He will be appearing at lunch on Tuesday, September 6th.
More later on the rest.
— Steve Clemons