<em>Talk of the Nation</em>: “Bolton on the Hill”


Yesterday, I was on a National Public Radio program with Johns Hopkins University Professor Ruth Wedgewood and former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. and Senator John Danforth. The show was NPR’s Talk of the Nation, and it can be listened to here.
Danforth refused to comment on Bolton’s behavior at all, but then went to great lengths to describe the importance of resolve combined with patient diplomacy and “word-smithing” to get things organized in such a way at the U.N. that other nations would pull together. He outlined cases on Sudan for instance, where despite wide opinion on the Security Council, all players really did work very hard to find common ground and to achieve language that allowed them to step forward together.
Danforth said that while it sounds trite, patiently re-working statements is one of the key responsibilities and skill sets of America’s mission to the United Nations.
The one thing that is clearly obvious about Bolton is that there is nothing nuanced or patient about him.
Danforth actually made the case of why Bolton is so wrong for the job.
— Steve Clemons