STREAMING LIVE: Charles Kupchan and Adam Mount on “The Autonomy Rule”


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You may have seen that Carlos Lozada of the Washington Post highlighted “The Autonomy Rule” as a new conceptualization of American foreign policy framing in his “Big Ideas” column on Sunday.
While the authors, Charles Kupchan and Adam Mount, don’t like the way I characterize their important piece which just appeared in the journal Democracy, I think they strike a hard blow both against Robert Kagan‘s “Absolutists vs. Liberals” thesis and against G. John Ikenberry and Daniel Deudney’s view that China and other ascending powers will live long and happily in the global liberal order constructed by the United States.
Kupchan, I think, has conceptualized a new brand of Global 21st Century Nixonianism — and this may very well be the direction the country needs to go.
The Washington TimesEli Lake and Truman National Security Project Director Rachel Kleinfeld will respond to Kupchan’s and Mount’s thesis.
The event will take place TODAY at the New America Foundation‘s NEW OFFICES at 1899 L Street, 4th Floor today between 12:00 noon and 1:45 pm – and will LIVE STREAM here at The Washington Note.
— Steve Clemons


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