State Department Nervous about Bolton Nomination & Hearings


The time line just got pushed up. This just in from a very well-placed source:
FYI, I’m hearing that they are trying to move this nomination very quickly because the longer it hangs out there, the more time opponents have to mobilize. The State Department’s material for the confirmation hearing (Q&A, etc) is due by COB today; they hope to schedule his hearing for next week.
This person also said that at State, you can feel the “nervousness in the air” about Bolton’s nomination. The powers-that-be there want to push this fast next week and catch the opposition off guard.
Folks — this is important. Bolton is not the kind of constructive force America should have pursuing its interests in the United Nations.
We will soon be naming the Coalitions For and Against the John Bolton confirmation.
NOTE TO SENATOR REID — Don’t punt on this one. If you pull together the caucus quickly, demonstrate principled vision and strength on this outrageous Bush choice for the UN, there is a chance that some moderate Republicans may empathize. Let’s talk.
More very soon. . .
— Steve Clemons