A LOT OF PLACES ARE POSTING THE LATEST EXIT POLL DATA. I will too. But this short note came in from a well-placed DNC source:
kerry slightly ahead in colorado, slightly behind in florida. scattered reports of voter intimidation, but overall dnc satisfied with how things are going.
big surprise — slightly ahead in virginia. major voter mobilization efforts have gotten dems into the polls, and it appears kerry just may snag the state.

This note got to me at noon, but I was in meetings talking about the elections rather than watching the data. However, I think that these little snapshots are useful.
Here are the 2 p.m. exit polls (via Chris Nelson), but clearly something is going to tug the Pennsylvania numbers closer together:
Kerry totals are shown first.
Nationwide: 50-49
Ohio 52-48
Florida 52-48
Pennsylvania 60-40
New Hampshire 58-41
Arizona 44-55
Wisconsin 52-47
Minnesota 58-40
Michigan 51-48
New Mexico 50-49
Iowa 49-49
New Jersey 56-43
Virginia 49-50
Arizona 45-55
Colorado 41-58
Missouri 45-55
West Virginia 40-54
North Carolina 47-52
Louisiana 42-57
The well-placed DNC source seems to be in conflict with the Colorado exit poll data, and Virginia is still showing a point favor in Bush’s corner. However, it is intriguing that Virginia is showing as tight a race as it is. And sure enough, the source who wrote the note above has Florida in Bush’s favor, wheras it looks like Florida is tilting towards Kerry in the latest available exit polls.
More to come.
— Steve Clemons