The transcription process for this event that has received a lot of attention in the media as well as my attention in entries below was complicated by the fact that the New America Foundation (in which I have a fairly substantial role) has unbelievably low quality recording and taping equipment. Thus, we were unable to send this out for standard transcribing.
At long last, our team — including Jennifer Buntman, Jerry Irvine, Swati Pandey, Joanna Lederman, Robynn Sturm, Katie Willers, and yours truly — have finished this monster.
The transcript of the presentations was already posted below, but here it is again. And the Q&A of transcripts is available now here.
If you would like to watch the broadcast over the web, click here.
David Sanger, another attendee at the lunch, wrote this in the New York Times today — again referencing Scowcroft’s cautionary comments.
— Steve Clemons