Paul Glastris: Recess Appointment Chatter as Expectations Management


As my friend Steve Clemons has often pointed out, John Bolton’s allies have again and again snookered the press into reporting that their man’s ascension to the U.N. ambassador’s post is a done deal, just around the corner, etc., only to see that nomination fall flat. One thinks of Charlie Brown, Lucy, and the football. That’s worth keeping in mind when reading this item, But Whose Name Is on the Check? in Al Kamen’s Washington Post column today:

Senate Democrats continued working yesterday to block the nomination of Undersecretary of State John R. Bolton to be U.N. ambassador, but it’s unclear the effort will gain traction.
Increasing chatter of late has it that Bolton most likely will be ordering room service in his ambassadorial suite in the Waldorf by Monday as a recess appointee. The appointment’s good till the end of next year. Bolton would have plenty of time to prepare for the annual United Nations General Assembly extravaganza in New York beginning Sept. 13.

Paul Glastris