Open Thread: Oakley Inc. Named After a Dog


Up at Pocantico this evening at the home and estate of the Rockefeller clan to discuss U.S. foreign policy options.
The op-ed I wrote for a Japanese paper, the Daily Yomiuri, two posts below is getting a surprising amount of attention internationally. I’ve had lots of email responses.
But let me leave you with this. I miss my pup, Oakley — pictured above — as I’ve been traveling the last week and a half.
But on the Oakley I front, I confess that I named him after the sporting goods company that makes cool sunglasses and foot sandals.
The CEO of Oakley, I’ve just learned, named his company after his dog.
Sort of a “Matrix” moment. I’ll get back on the serious track tomorrow. But the story of the Oakley name is true. . .
— Steve Clemons