Oops. . .Happy Hannukah!


I love holidays — nearly all of them, but there is a clutzy side to me that sometimes reveals itself too much when I get into religious and cultural festivities that are a degree removed.
For instance, a couple of years ago — walking through the William Penn Omni Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on the way to a fantastic holiday party — I noticed that the light bulbs on a beautiful menorah had been partly unscrewed that some were lit and others were not.
I promptly “fixed” that and got them all blaring brightly again. Looked great — but oops, learned later that I had messed with success.
Apologies to all — but I still enjoy Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa (!), and all the rest.
Happy Hannukah to my many Jewish friends around the world — and in particular, to those who read The Washington Note.
All best.
— Steve Clemons


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