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podesta and co.jpgJohn Podesta on Obama team. I am hearing that Financial Times Washington Bureau Chief Edward Luce has a pretty significant interview with Center for American Progress President and former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta coming out on Monday. Luce recently did a video interview with Senator John McCain. One source tells me that Podesta “goes farther” in his critique of the Obama team than his already pretty direct comments in Luce’s recent survey of the Obama White House’s inner workings.
General David Petraeus’ Suit. Earlier this week, I mentioned that I had told General Petraeus at a dinner that he looked quite good in a well-fitting suit and out of uniform but that if I twittered that, it would send a shudder through DC political circles. He laughed. But a source who I think is pretty plugged in tells me that the suit in question was bought off the rack four years ago but looks new because the General has been constantly deployed over the last four years. Fair enough. My broader point (and respectful chuckle) still stands.
Greek PM George Papandreou Fights Back. Papandreou has launched a vicious attack at Greece’s holier-than-though EU critics, stating that the EU’s financial regulatory incompetency and dereliction of duties allowed the previous Greek conservative government’s “criminal record” in falsifying data to go unchecked. Germany’s Angela Merkel is going tough on Greece as tensions rise. I am reminded of Fniancial Times’ Martin Wolf‘s admonition last year that Germany is neglecting its hegemonic regional responsibilities in the EuroZone — and AEI Scholar Desmond Lachman‘s warning that the Euro could go under.
Health Care Reform Lobbyist Hypocrisy. The Sunlight Foundation’s Paul Blumenthal goes after Obama White House for hypocrisy in nailing down key agreements on health care reform legislation with the same corporate interests and lobbyists — particularly Billy Tauzin — that candidate Obama specifically harangued during his presidential race. Watch the video clip and read the piece.
Goldstone. Just came by this website for those interested in a defense of the UN Report on War Crimes in Gaza (2008-09), the so-called Goldstone Report. . . .And an opposing view. And another.
— Steve Clemons


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