I JUST GOT BACK FROM WATCHING THE DEBATE WITH JAMES FALLOWS, Deborah Fallows, Michael Lind, Peter Bergen, Jenny Buntman, Andrew Oros, Deborah Fallows, Ted Halstead and about 40 other people.
Josh Marshall has an interesting quick reaction to the debate, untainted by hearing the views of commentators. I just heard Sean Hannity say he had never seen Bush “more passionate, more articulate, more on top of his game.” I can’t listen to this — and wonder if Hannity would clarify the criteria when he would say Bush was not at the top of his game.
But I have very complex things going on in my head about this race. I thought it was Bush’s night to lose — and I think he did lose it. But lots of others will see it differently.
But tomorrow morning, with a clear mind — and with something more than instantaneous reactions — I will post something worthy of the exchange between these two candidates tonight.
But let me just say that the depression I felt when I spoke to German Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger on the plane from New York tonight has evaporated.
I really think we have a race again.
More tomorrow morning.
— Steve Clemons