New Resource Link on Palestinian State Building Efforts


Palestine_Authority_Logo.jpgI just received an email from a leading public intellectual on US foreign policy who just returned from Israel and Palestine and reported that there were “construction cranes all over Ramallah.”
The source commented that Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad is getting something right. According to the source, he’s building up the state even before there is a State.
I worry that what goes up can be blown up either by those left out of the political equation inside the Palestinian scene or be blown up through Israel incursions, but I remain cautiously hopeful that the infrastructure and urban development continue.
On another front a friend from the American Task Force on Palestine alerted me to this new resource for those interested in documents and materials related to Palestine state-building. This is the link.
— Steve Clemons


4 comments on “New Resource Link on Palestinian State Building Efforts

  1. Jon says:

    Steve, check out Chris Tucker’s article in the Huffington Post today:


  2. questions says:

    Wow, interesting stuff on The Oil Drum dot com:
    From the discussion I have learned that Matt Simmons of peak oil fame, and of panic over the fate of the Gulf of Mexico fame died of a heart attack in a hot tub. He seems to have been the source of oxygen depletion death of 40% of the Gulf, the splitting open of the Gulf floor, and doom and disaster all over the place.
    He was an investment banker any may have had a fairly strong financial interest in BP panic, as well as fucking with energy markets — but who really knows……
    Really interesting.
    Some serious dissing of Bob Cavnar, as well, from a few posters. And from someone who posts under the name “Rockman” whom “Fishgrease” has touted as knowing a reasonable amount, there are some clear differences with Cavnar. (Gotta love the names people pick for postint — “Bob” for example!
    It probably pays to be a petroleum engineer when trying to evaluate the oil leak! And it might pay to know when your sources are selling books!
    But who really knows……Fun to puzzle through.
    Also, lots of PhotoShops of Gulf disasters, leaks that aren’t leaks, debunkings of conspiracy anxiety. And then more conspiracy anxiety.
    They seem to police themselves fairly well when it comes to CTs.


  3. nadine says:

    POA, Israel has both allowed and encouraged growth at 7% or better in the West Bank for years now.
    What may put an end to it any day is that there is more to a state than construction cranes. Fayyad does not own the militias, neither the old Arafat ones, nor the new Dayton-trained ones, nor Hamas. When they decide whether to start shooting, it’s the Fatah Central Committee and Khaled Meshaal who will be giving the orders. Not Fayyad.


  4. PissedOffAmerican says:

    “According to the source, he’s building up the state even before there is a State”
    Well, Israel won’t allow that to go on much longer.
    “I worry that what goes up can be…..”
    Surely, you meant to say;
    “I am certain that what goes up can be…..”


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