My Weekend View in Southhampton


southampton beach small.jpg
I hope all of you are having decent weekends. I am and am blessed with this view just a 30 second stroll from where I am staying.
I happened to run into Nobel Economics Prize Laureate Joseph Stiglitz and his wife Anya Schiffrin near here and am trying to nudge him to do a blog post with me. Not sure I have fully convinced him yet but will keep you posted.
I am going to go down to this beautiful beach now and ponder memories of my friend, Anne Wexler, who died this morning.
More soon.
— Steve Clemons


4 comments on “My Weekend View in Southhampton

  1. JohnH says:

    Hey Steve, can you see any Russian nuclear subs from that beach?
    (Though officials say “they haven’t seen such unusual activity since the Cold War,” the Russians actually paid a similar visit to the East Coast in Feb. 2000.)


  2. questions says:

    Actually, here’s the final bit, and I think the conclusion is more nuanced than I noted above. I don’t know if, or how, the author will evaluate the IR/security strategy involved.
    “It is within this strategic realm that the Israel lobby’s power to coerce and intimidate critics, and its success in passing pro-Israeli legislation must be understood. Israel’s favored position in U.S. politics arose not out of the infinite power of a small lobby, but from the support afforded to Israel by sympathetic political officials who utilize Israel’s power to further U.S. geopolitical interests.”


  3. questions says:

    OT, but utterly relevant. A Counterpunch piece by an actual American politics scholar making so many of the points I’ve made that I just have to toss this out. It’s not proof, it’s only one article, but it is suggestive at any rate.
    The author defines “the Lobby,” admits power, shows that campaign money is on the trivial side, gets the correlation/causation issue correct, notes that the percentage of THELOBBY money is so small per MC that it likely doesn’t matter, and suggests that security concerns might well be foremost, even if (as seems to be hinted for another piece to appear) the security concerns are misread by MCs and the misreading has been encouraged. It’s a much more nuanced reading than I typically see on the issues, and likely much closer to correct, even if I have quibbles.
    The author cites W and M and other faves around here, mentions the usual arguments, and then debunks them is a fairly rational way.
    Not quite my position re “power” and re “THELOBBY” but a lot closer re data, scholarship, causal relations, the workings of Congress and the like. And it’s in Counterpunch, which should count for something around here.
    I guess the author could be a member of THELOBBYHASBARA. Who knows.


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