Xmas04 004re.jpg
This was taken tonight on the back lawn of the U.S. Capitol. The tree is magnificent and from Virginia.
Speaking of Virginia, some are projecting a 2008 presidential battle between George Allen and Mark Warner. That would be interesting.
I stopped by the White House Christmas Tree scene as well. I saw all the little Christmas trees from every part of the country — even American Samoa, plus the big one that the Bush family lit.
I saw the manger scene, the official menorah. and a big pit with burning yule logs. Next to the yule log fire was a sign noting that in pre-Christian days, there was a “gay festival honoring the mythical god Thor” which was later merged by early English Christians into the celebration of Christmas.
It gave me a good chuckle, and the fire warmed me up on what is a very, very cold night here in Washington.
All the best to you, your friends, and family.
— Steve Clemons