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Greetings from Berlin where I’m having a very productive set of meetings organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Way busy today — much to post on at a later time, but the big news now is that in a few hours President Barack Obama will be outlining his revised Afghanistan policy at West Point.
Representative Jane Harman has issued her thoughts and while she praises the President for trying to deal with the corruption challenge and for outlining clearer goals for US forces in Afghanistan, she strongly underscores concerns about enlarging the US military footprint there.
She writes:

I do not agree that inserting 34,000 additional U.S. and 5,000-10,000 additional ISAF troops into southern and eastern Afghanistan will enhance the chance of success. Just the opposite. Expanding our military footprint in Afghanistan is a mistake.

I will be on SIRIUS and XM Radio’s “Stand Up! with Pete Dominick” at 5 pm EST and 11 pm Berlin time talking about Afghanistan today.
Then at 6:15 pm EST and 12:15 am (Wednesday) Berlin time, I’ll be chatting about Australia Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s quick trip to Washington this week as well as climate change politics and Obama’s Afghanistan moves on “Mornings with Deborah Cameron” on ABC Sydney 702 radio. Not sure what time this works out to be down under.
At 8:00 pm EST and 2:00 am in Berlin, I’ll be watching the Obama speech and twittering and chatting on line live with WNYC’s Brian Lehrer.
Shortly after the speech — not sure of the time — I will be chatting with Larisa Epatko of the Online News Hour. Again, topic will be Afghanistan. That exchange should be posted on the News Hour‘s web page.
Then, perhaps finally for the night, I’ll be discussing Afghanistan and Pakistan with Keith Olbermann on Countdown at 9:50 pm EST or 3:50 am in Berlin. And I won’t look tired.
Hope some of you can tune in.
— Steve Clemons


5 comments on “Media Alerts: The Big Afghanistan Speech

  1. samuelburke says:

    “What to listen for in Obama’s speech
    Tue, 12/01/2009 – 12:29pm
    Readers of this blog now that I think the war in Afghanistan is
    misguided, and I am disappointed that President Obama is about
    to make what I regard as a major strategic blunder. That said,
    here are the 5 questions that I’ll be thinking about when I listen
    to his remarks this evening.
    1. Why does he believe that 30,000 more troops will lead to
    success in Afghanistan, given that the ratio of foreign troops
    relative to the local population will still be much smaller than the
    number required for successful military occupations?
    2. Even staunch advocates of the war concede that our task is
    “daunting,” and several independent studies and reports —
    including General McChrystal’s own assessment — maintain that
    the United States will have to stay in Afghanistan for at least five
    to ten years, at a cost of billions of dollars per year. Will the
    president say this explicitly, or will he try to convince us that
    these reports are wrong and that it won’t take nearly that long or
    cost nearly that much?”


  2. samuelburke says:

    123 Israeli children have been killed by Palestinians and 1,435
    Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis since September
    29, 2000. (View Sources & More Information)
    1,072 Israelis and at least 6,348 Palestinians have been killed
    since September 29, 2000. (View Sources & More Information)
    Israelis and Palestinians Injured
    September 29, 2000 – Present
    8,864 Israelis and 39,019 Palestinians have been injured since
    September 29, 2000. (View Sources & More Information)
    uri avnery takes Friedman apart also.
    “…And A Little Child Shall Lead Them”
    THOMAS FRIEDMAN, the New York Times columnist, has an idea.
    That happens to him quite often. One might almost say – too
    It goes like this: The US will turn its back on the Israeli-
    Palestinian conflict. The entire world will follow. Everybody is fed
    up with this conflict. Let the Israelis and the Palestinians sort out
    their problems by themselves.
    Sounds sensible. Why must the world be bothered with these
    two unruly children? Let them kick each other as much as they
    like. The adults should not interfere.
    But in reality this is an outrageous suggestion. Because these
    two children are not of equal strength. When an adult sees a 14-
    year old mercilessly mistreating a 6-year old, can he just look
    Israel is materially a hundredfold, indeed a thousandfold,
    stronger than the Palestinians. The fourth strongest army in the
    world (by its own estimate) dominates the life of a helpless
    people. The Israeli economy, with some of the most advanced
    technologies in the world, dominates a people whose resources
    are next to nil. A 42-year old occupation dominates every single
    corner of occupied Palestine.


  3. Larry Bakst says:

    Welcome to my adopted hometown! You’re spectacular–lighting
    up the long Berlin winter night and broadcasting the buzz across
    many ponds. Bravo! Thanks for the Obama time-I’m recoding the
    speech–hope your comments will be available on your site tmrw.


  4. samuelburke says:

    Steve, i wish you great success in Berlin.
    Can you shed some light on what the world leaders are saying
    about the Global warming scam/email revelations and how they
    plan on reconciling these facts with their previously held world
    any changes in attitudes?
    or does global governance via AGW continnue apace?
    “Global Warming is often called a hoax. I disagree because a
    hoax has a humorous intent to puncture pomposity. In science,
    such as with the Piltdown Man hoax, it was done to expose
    those with fervent but blind belief. The argument that global
    warming is due to humans, known as the anthropogenic global
    warming theory (AGW) is a deliberate fraud. I can now make that
    statement without fear of contradiction because of a remarkable
    hacking of files that provided not just a smoking gun, but an
    entire battery of machine guns.
    “Total Control
    These people controlled the global weather data used by the
    IPCC through the joint Hadley and CRU and produced the
    HadCRUT data. They controlled the IPCC, especially crucial
    chapters and especially preparation of the Summary for
    PolicyMakers (SPM). Stephen Schneider was a prime mover there
    from the earliest reports to the most influential in 2001. They
    also had a left wing conduit to the New York Times. The emails
    between Andy Revkin and the community are very revealing and
    must place his journalistic integrity in serious jeopardy. Of
    course the IPCC Reports and especially the SPM Reports are the
    basis for Kyoto and the Copenhagen Accord, but now we know
    they are based on completely falsified and manipulated data
    and science. It is no longer a suspicion. Surely this is the death
    knell for the CRU, the IPCC, Kyoto and Copenhagen and the
    Carbon Credits shell game.
    CO2 never was a problem and all the machinations and
    deceptions exposed by these files prove that it was the greatest
    deception in history, but nobody is laughing. It is a very sad day
    for science and especially my chosen area of climate science. As
    I expected now it is all exposed I find there is no pleasure in “I
    told you so.”


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