Media Alert: START Up with Pete Dominick


Pete Dominick Capitol.jpgI have been chatting up Pete Dominick on his Sirius/XM program Stand up with Pete Dominick for a long time, but I never had any idea what the guy looked like. Same with Rachel Maddow for years until we finally met at the Democratic National Convention. But like Rachel, Pete’s sorta worth getting a camera on. CNN has figured this out.
Well, today at about 5:30 pm EST, I’ll be chatting with Pete about the showdown brewing on the START Treaty.
So, I’m renaming his show “START Up with Pete Dominick” at least for today.
For those following START, here are some of my views on the stakes of the debate for the Obama administration that appeared today in the Financial Times. Here too is a blog post telling incoming Senators to leave the prerogatives of incumbent Senators alone. Also a great slam by Republican Senate Foreign Relations Committee icon Richard Lugar against many in his own party — who he implies will be responsible for enormous degradation of US security if they succeed in blocking START.
— Steve Clemons


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