LIVE STREAM: J.P. Singh on When Multilateralism and Negotiations Can Work


Mutlilateralism may be back?
In the past week alone, the Obama administration has agreed to restart arms control negotiations with the Russians, work with the G-20 to develop a new global financial regulatory architecture, and join Europe’s negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program.
But under what conditions can multilateralism and negotiations be effective?
That is the subject of an event that the New America Foundation/American Strategy Program will host today featuring J.P. Singh, Associate Professor of Communication, Culture and Technology at Georgetown University and author of Negotation and the Global Information Economy.
This event will take place TODAY at the New America Foundation’s new offices at 1899 L Street – 4th Floor – and will stream live here at The Washington Note.
— Steve Clemons


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    Charles Krauthammer in his latest Op-Ed in The Washington Post under a savvy and provocative caption “It’s Your Country Too, Mr President,” exposes the beginnings of the weakening of the United States under President Obama. But the ultimate judgment on Obama will be rendered by a Shakespearean king, King Lear: “Nothing comes out of nothing.” And all the other favourable judgments of the liberal intelligentsia for President Obama will swept like rubbish off the stage of history.


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