Lest We Forget. . .Scooter Libby (and Fred Thompson!)


Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald has noted that convicted former Cheney chief-of-staff Scooter Libby has shown no remorse for his role in obstructing the investigation of the leak of Valerie Plame Wilson’s covert responsibilities for the CIA and has asked for a 30 to 37 month jail sentence for Libby.
Here is the 18 page sentencing document (a pdf) filed by Fitzgerald.
We also ought not to forget former Senator and potential presidential candidate Fred Thompson’s significant enthusiasm for Scooter Libby’s legal defense and ask him whether Libby-like obstruction of justice would be tolerated in his potential administration.
This is from the front page of the Scooter Libby Legal Defense Fund homepage:

Former Senator Fred Thompson, a member of the Advisory Committee for the Libby Legal Defense Trust has graciously offered to host another fundraiser for the Libby Legal Defense Trust.

Well, as one wealthy conservative political donor just told me by phone, knowing Fred Thompson’s role in this “just saved me a whole heck of a lot of money.” (i.e., he ain’t giving. . .)
— Steve Clemons


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