Laughing with Shepard Smith, Not at Him. . .But Still, “Israel is at War”


Here is a direct transcription from Shepard Smith‘s commentary today on the escalating mess in the Middle East and Israel Ambassador to the U.S. Daniel Ayalon‘s statement at the National Press Club today that “Israel is at war.”
Shepard Smith on FOX NEWS CHANNEL 3:45 p.m.

We’ll get the specifics of this
In what the pare
The uh. . .
Company owned by the
That our parent company (News Corp) owns
Seems like we own everything
That they are working on at this moment
And we’ll keep you updated on fast-breaking developments overseas
A crisis in the Middle East
The Israeli ambassador to the United States says Israel is now at war.
[cut to iShares commercial for Barclay’s bank, followed by ad for Fiber Choice]

I stumble — ever so occasionally — on radio and tv, but this does seem excessive.
More later.
— Steve Clemons


13 comments on “Laughing with Shepard Smith, Not at Him. . .But Still, “Israel is at War”

  1. Eric says:

    I hope he is Gay…. he is a cutie….
    Another one for our team. Like Anderson Cooper of CNN. Best Reporters seem to be Gay. Funny, I don’t think they are allowed to marry….yet…..


  2. Jerry Nau says:

    Id Shep Smith is gay – Id lvoe it! I know for a fact I think he is gorgeous and sure would love a piece of him —–anytime. Would lvoe to see him totally nude!!!


  3. Robert Key says:

    Of Course he is gay.


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  5. Shep says:

    Shep, Gay?????
    that would be funny


  6. Tripper says:

    Acutally, the question was…’is Shepard Smith gay…’ Not only is he gay, he’s a bottom.


  7. fred flintstone says:

    the post wasnt about israel, it was pointing out how moronic and ignorant fox news is. earlier today a site showed fox news cameras being shot at, because they were describing the exact coordinates of israeli tanks, and the anchors were “shocked”.
    fox news is for the nascar loving, football going, flag waving imbeciles who represent the 70 % of the american population who couldnt get into a college.
    and by the way, coupled with the suv driving, plasma tv watching, golf playing, corporate tools, who downsize the above every day, they both voted for and support a retard as president of the united states….


  8. ThomasMc says:

    Maybe somebody asked him if he’s gay.


  9. Carroll says:

    I think Shepard is getting weary trying to keep his talking points straight.
    The MSM Israel pundits will declare Israel is at war so they can excuse any Isr actions…fog of war old chap.
    The Israeli officals, depending on whether they are IDF or goverment representives will declare they are at war and they are not at war.
    If there is one thing everyone should have caught onto by now in this game it is the “policy of contridiction”…that way they can always argue the at war or not at war and what the actual offical policy was when anyone tries to nail them on what they said or did.


  10. Farinata X says:

    Ol’ Shep must’ve had too many Harvey Wallbangers at lunch.


  11. MNPundit says:

    I think it Israel is at war, but it’s by their own choosing. They have a responsibility to get their soldiers back, but they have clearly gone insane in regards to retaliation levels.
    Even if beating up the populace in tiny non-states makes you look tough and strong, it also makes you look like a bully.


  12. p says:

    Are you ripping Faux, shredding Shep Smith, or highlighting the statement that Faux is claiming Israel is at war? I’m so confused by this post.


  13. Zathras says:

    I know for a fact that Fox does not own Fiber Choice, or Barclay’s. Just another example of Fox distorting the news. I say, wake up America!
    Actually I don’t say that. I don’t even write it very often. I’m just writing it now because at some point in the ensuing thread someone will be tempted to include the phrase “wake up America” in a post, and will find the temptation easier to resist if he knows that someone has beaten him to it.


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