John Bolton Would Not Let Senior State Dept. Officials Build Common Positions with Allies for NPT Review


Newsweek‘s Michael Hirsh and Eve Conant have reported another aspect of John Bolton’s delinquency during his last job.
Virtually all players in the current review of the Non-Proliferation Treaty blame Bolton for not preparing the U.S. position.
However, here appears to be MORE to the story according to a source, since confirmed, that TWN has recently contacted. According to this source:

Bolton’s failure to “prepare” for the NPT review conference goes far beyond “dropping the ball.”
Starting two years ago, other senior officials wanted to go around to various countries to work out common positions to take on revisions at the NPT conference, but Bolton wouldn’t let them go.

Although the source would not identify the individual, TWN speculates that at least one of these senior officials was Assistant Secretary for Nonproliferation John Wolf.
Willful negligence? Tick Tock. Tick Tock. Tick Tock.
The dossier gets more and more heavy with the negative.
— Steve Clemons