John Bolton: My Way or No Way on UN Human Rights Council


Here is my quick read on America’s rejection of the UN Human Rights Council proposal that some — including the New York Times — argue is a sham that undermines genuine international commitment to more rigorous global human rights protection.
The odd thing is that many of the leading NGOs don’t see it that way.
However, behind the “white hat” that Bolton is wearing right now as a crusader for more rigorous human rights protections — and TWN will tip its hat that this is something we all should be working for — he nonetheless tried to secure permanent membership on the Human Rights Council for the Permanent 5 of the UN Security Council — including those inspiring defenders of human liberty, Russia and China.
This package negotiated to create a new Human Rights Council may not go far enough and perhaps should be renegotiated, but there must also be some better ground between Bolton saying “my way” or “no way”.
— Steve Clemons